Russell Medical Urgent Care Offerings

The Russell Medical urgent care clinic is locally run by board-certified doctors. With your convenient Browns Bridge Road location, just off of Keith Bridge Road, we serve every one of the greater Forsyth County area including Cumming, Dawsonville, Gainesville and Suwanee. While it�s true you can expect a full gamut of medical services with appointments, we welcome walk-ins to take advantage of our urgent care services. Our friendly, experienced medical employees are ready to give you the attention you deserve as well as the quality healthcare you'll need, when you need it. These are a few of the issues we�re able to address within our urgent care clinic. Doctors Cumming

Accidents happen. In an urgent care clinic, what this means is lots of cuts and scrapes and bumps and bruises. If you experience an accidental injury that doesn�t constitute a clinical emergency but certainly requires some healthcare attention, an urgent care center could be a wonderful resource. At Russell Med, we treat minor musculoskeletal injuries including sprain, strains, small fractures and dislocations. We now have x-rays and EKG machines on-site to properly assess your injuries. We�re also happy to doctor up low-degree burns and lacerations. We could administer stitches and prescribe the required pain relievers for your problem.

We could treat a wide range of bacterial and infections in our urgent care facility. Cough, cold, flu and sinus infections all make regular appearances at our office. A lot of times the symptoms of these infections are similar. It can be hard to tell regardless of whether you have a run-of-the-mill cold of your nasty case of influenza. That�s why you should never self-diagnosis something like a chilly or a sinus infection. Wanting to deal with an infection all on your own can end up which makes it worse! Come to Russell Medical instead. We are able to quickly and efficiently test for further specific infectious conditions as well such as mononucleosis (mono), strep throat and bronchitis. Another examples of infections we can help you take care of are ear infections, stomach infections and bladder infections.

Other Conditions
Aside from minor injuries and everyday infections, we provide treatments for things like allergic reactions, rash, heartburn, headache, back ache and skin abscesses. With this well-trained staff, we can supply you with the care and knowledge you need to manage these conditions. We offer reliable HIV and STD testing. Doctors Cumming

With regards to urgent care offerings, we�ve pretty much got it all - from headaches foot fractures! And we�re open Monday through Saturday!


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